Digital Narrative Games Pt. 3

Question 1: you wake up to the news that a colleague of yours at the hospital got covid and you were in contact with them 

Answer 1: you stay home until the tests return 

Consequences 1: you feel helpless and guilty for not helping out and doing nothing productive the whole day at home 

Answer 2: you go to the hospital anyways because your patients need you and there is a low number of workers 

Consequences 2: you wake up suddenly on a bed at a hospital knowing you got covid and collapsed suddenly fro overworking while having covid

Question 2: you arrive and there isn’t enough ventilators for all you’re patients. Two patients arrive together (a mother and her daughter) who to save?

Answer 1: give it to the daughter

Consequences 1: she wakes up and feels guilty that she killed her own mother, who she already gave her covid for only hugging her 

Answer 2: give it to the mother 

Consequences 2: the last thing she told you before she collapsed was save my daughter, she woke up wanting to raise a law suit and believing you killed her only baby daughter. 

Question 3: mother just gave birth and is waiting for a liver transplant and can’t see her baby, who’s waiting in the NICU

Answer 1: you show the mother her baby 

Consequences 1: her baby catches Covid 

Answer 2: don’t show mother her baby

Consequences 2: she’s depressed and can’t believe she hasn’t gotten the chance to see her only child for 2 weeks now

Question 4: you finish work and have the option to go home and see your family, who you haven’t seen for a month now or quarantine at a hotel and go back to work. 

Answer 1: you quarantine at a hotel 

Consequences 1: you still get to work and help people and do what you love, but you got the news that your grandmother passed away and there is no funeral and the last time you saw your family was a month ago. 

Answer 2: stay in with your family 

Consequences 2: you watch the number of cases rising rapidly every second and you sit at home feeling helpless and can’t do anything, while keeping contact with you’re colleagues at home who desperately need help and you feel guilty for taking a break and staying with you’re family when not helping out in these difficult circumstances. 

Question 5: you have 10 minutes free, what do you do quickly 

Answer 1: open phone and check you’re social medias 

Consequences 1: you open social media and watch stories of people having picnics, small gatherings and being reckless of the situation we are in. You’re frustrated and angry and get second thoughts of the career you chose 

Answer 2: get lunch from the cafeteria  

Consequences 2: you find the cafeteria closed and you have no food in your system until the next day. 

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