Digital Literacies

My Digital Confidence Profile results

Reflecting on the the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies article , I think it was very informative. We talked about the difference between digital skills and digital literacies before in class using a small activity/ mini quiz which I answered mostly wrong, because at that time I couldn’t get the difference. However, when it was explained in class that the main difference if I remember correctly was the skills are just a brief and basic abilities everyone should have and is easily taught. While the digital literacies on the other hand, are more analytical and includes critical thinking. Examples are used in the article and show the importance and the difference of both. For me, think it’s easy to teach skills but challenging to teach literacies, because they come after the skills (which is a less advanced and more basic level). Moreover, the article gave me the importance of learning digital literacies and using “critical connections”, “judgments”, and surprisingly “real world learning” while using technology and any digital or social platforms. I did not know the importance of applying your real world experiences while researching or using social media, so this was very interesting to me!

Nonetheless, my digital literacy goals for this semester would be focusing on identity & wellbeing and teach & learn, my lowest points. I also want to hopefully reach a confident level in all digital skills. Hence, the path I’m planning to choose is the Taught Path from the All Abroad Stations.

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